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'An arresting, possibly great, contemporary novel to compete with the very best of William Faulkner & Toni Morrison'.
Grips you from start to finish',
This book has all the hallmarks of a classic'.

At long last, COLOR: A Novel is an audiobook! Unabridged and all narration by me including some very 'colorful' characters.
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COLOR: A Novel was released on 10 June 2013 as an original paperback (ISBN 978-0-9567816) price £10, and an ebook, from Mosaic Publishing.

Critics on SANDI RUSSELL's COLOR: A Novel:

'An arresting, possibly great, contemporary novel to compete with the best of William Faulkner and Toni Morrison.' Anne Stevenson. 'A dense, sustained and unflinching portrat of a land where all are aliens, whether they know it or not. Sandi Russell's language flies over all the pitfalls of banality. A great tour de force.' Margaret Whyte.

From the Publisher:

COLOR brings together one person's quest for identity with the inner lives of a whole community. As individual characters tell their stories, dreams are shared, secrets are revealed and a complex picture emerges of intimate relationships, racial tensions and passionate aspirations. Rooted in Tidewater, Virginia, and spanning the twentieth century, this is original fiction in the tradition of Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker. Through a rich texture of voices and sensations, it offers unique insights into the history of the New World and the meaning of the 'American Dream'.

About the author:

SANDI RUSSELL is a native New Yorker now living in Britain. Educated at the New York High School of Music and Art, Syracuse University and Hunter College, she trained as a classical musician before becoming a professional jazz singer. Celebrated as a superb vocalist by Lionel Hampton and Humphrey Lyttelton, among many others, she has performed on both sides of the Atlantic with such luminaries as Guy Barker, Steve Brown, Alec Dankworth, Herbie Hancock, Earl May, David Newton and Jean Toussaint. Her CDs include Incandescent (Freedom Song) and Sweet Thunder (33 Records).

SANDI RUSSELL is the author of Render Me My Song: Black Women Writers from Slavery to the Present (1992, new and updated edition 2002). Described as 'women's history that reads like a compelling story', this book is the basis of Sandi Russell's much-praised one-woman show Render Me My Song. She has also created and performed ELLA! about the life and music of Ella Fitzgerald. Sandi Russell's first short story appeared in Margaret Busby's anthology Daughters of Africa (Jonathan Cape) and she co-edited with Wendy Mulford The Virago Book of Love Poetry. Color is her first novel.
Sandi Russell
Jazz Singer, Writer & Educator